World of Darkness Pages 97-98


Soul of Suw is a seven book mythology, inspired by the music of OutKast, revolving around a soul named Child. In this mythos, emotions are a tangible phenomenon and souls have been condemned to a world of darkness after being blinded to the light of love. Child is in a struggle to rekindle that light, while battling clouded thoughts and emotions, to find his way home through the darkness.

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In this week’s Child prepares to witness his first firestorm…


Gabro: Shane, you know you’re not the steady you once were.

Shane: (Unmoved) I’ve grown tired of hearing souls tell me that.

{Many souls flee the area as they feel the firestorm brewing. Another much larger steady comes to stand in support of Gabro. Child speaks to Igz.}

Child: (Concerned) This isn’t looking good.

Igz: I know…it’d be better if they had five instead of just three.

Child: (Shocked concerned) Do you see the size of that last steady? He probably could take down both Shane and Lacco by himself.

Igz: Have you learned nothing, fertile? Which is worse, being struck by five clumps of dirt or one solid stone?

Child: (Quip) I’d rather not be hit at all if I can help it.

{Gabro speaks to Shane.}

Gabro: You don’t have the strength to hold a plate your size; your portion is far too large.

Shane: That’s the difference between you and me, Gabro; you’re interested in tossing words while I’m about throwing punches. But if you think your fist can back your lips then how ‘bout we find out if I’m still the steady I once was.

{The ground trembles beneath the feet of the steadies as Gabro and his two allies hunch over and flex their arms.}

Child: (Alarmed) What’s going on? Why is the ground shaking?

Igz: It’s reacting to the emotions of the steadies gathering energy for the battle. What you are now witnessing is true vulcanism.

{The physique of the steadies begins to build as they shed most of their normal skin as it’s replaced by the vulcan skin emerging from underneath. The appearance of each steady differs from the next, reflecting the composition of the soul.}

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