World of Darkness Pages 93-94


Soul of Suw is a seven book mythology, inspired by the music of OutKast, revolving around a soul named Child. In this mythos, emotions are a tangible phenomenon and souls have been condemned to a world of darkness after being blinded to the light of love. Child is in a struggle to rekindle that light, while battling clouded thoughts and emotions, to find his way home through the darkness.

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In this week’s post Shane challenges the spirit of Child and his faith in the light…

Shane: Two things are certain in this world; we all serve the archon and our fate is Midnye. That’s why we have no time to waste with inconsequential spirits like Zeph.

Child: (Annoyed) Inconsequential

Shane: You know it, why do you think you’re down here?

Child: To prove the vitality of the light, even in a place like this.

Shane: (Unconvinced) Really?

{Shane turns to look at peach tinted clouds resting above the southern part of the Caldera.}

Shane: You know…the clouds of the Caldera are made up of more than just dust from the eruptions and accumulation from the Midnye rain. Tell me, have you heard of Attada?

Child: (Shocked but nonchalant) Yeah…I’m familiar with the name.

Shane: And you’re telling me it wasn’t in the back of your mind when you decided to come down here?

Child: (In denial) Attada wasn’t the main reason.

Shane: (Smirking) I’m sure it wasn’t.

Child: (Defiantly) I am committed to the light…

Shane: I have no doubt that you are but even the committed have affairs. You claim to be a child of light but let me be the first to tell you in a world of darkness the light has a tendency to grow dim. You’ve only had a taste of the Caldera…but you know where to find the full course.


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