World of Darkness Pages 109-112


Soul of Suw is a seven book mythology, inspired by the music of OutKast, revolving around a soul named Child. In this mythos, emotions are a tangible phenomenon and souls have been condemned to a world of darkness after being blinded to the light of love. Child is in a struggle to rekindle that light, while battling clouded thoughts and emotions, to find his way home through the darkness.

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In this week’s post Child challenges the Professor and purpose of the Institution for Greater Education…


The Professor: (Interrogatory) What’s out there for you?

{Child is startled out of his daydream.}

The Professor: It must be important since it’s distracting you from my lesson.

Child: (Stammering) I, uh…

The Professor: …I know…you don’t know. You’re just a dreamer.

{The professor walks back to the front of the classroom to address the students.}

The Professor: And see, the thing about dreamers is…they have a difficult time surviving. And you know why…because they’re too busy staring out windows instead of learning how to properly serve the archon; which is why you are here.

{The professor turns to the chalkboard and writes the word “Survival”.}

The Professor: The Institution was established to train souls to survive.  The archons brought peace…they brought prosperity to our lives through The Great Compromise. And through the Compromise we souls were given freedom, provided we proved ourselves worthy to the archon. The education you receive here at the Institution will teach you to maintain your value as a soul in service to the archon. Because the only thing asked of you is to serve him through timely payments. And if you prove yourselves worthy then maybe one day some of you will earn enough value to buy out the archon so that he will serve you.

{The professor holds up his ring of value which shimmers brightly in the eyes of the students.}

Child: (Contradictory) Why?

{The other students look toward the sole amber eyed soul in the classroom.}

The Professor: (Annoyed) Why? What do you mean, why?

Child: Why should we worry about being considered valuable to him? What’s the point of education if it’s only used to survive?

The Professor: (Sarcastically) Because surviving is a bad thing?

Child: No…but I do believe education should be more than an institution and a soul’s value should not be determined by a ring on his finger.

{The professor discretely presses a button located underneath his desk while Child speaks; after which he approaches the desk of the amber eyed soul.}

The Professor: (Stern) Show me a life in which a soul does not serve the archon and maybe we’ll start listening. But until that day comes; we live to survive. Feel free to walk out, at any time, if you feel our education does not meet your standards.

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