The Sacred Seven

Soul of Suw is a seven book series inspired by the music of OutKast, Goodie Mob & the Dungeon Family. Each book is referred to as an album with each track representing a chapter. The original inspiration for the story came from OutKast’s ATLiens album in February of 1997.

Soul of Suw is a modern day mythology based on Total Art which is art that is not created to be critiqued or observed but rather, engaged and experienced. With Total Art, also known as living art, the audience becomes a part of the work…they join in the experience of the art.

I’ve always been jealous of musicians because music is a form of art that engages an audience like no other. In music we do not attend a concert, we are a part of a concert. The same can be said for attending major sporting events. You do not just attend big game, the fans are often the most important part of the game, providing the atmosphere and energy that players feed on.

The definitive vision for Soul of Suw is as a movie because only in this format can art combine dance, music, visually choreographed scenes, special effects and storytelling to create a mythological experience that engages an audience in such way to make them feel as if they are attending a major concert or big game. The story is essentially the mythological and fighting elements of Mortal Kombat meets the synchronizing of visual and musical storytelling found in Fantasia.

Unfortunately I do not have the resources or connections to make this story come to life but feel free to check out the rest the Story section to discover more about the characters, places and concepts that are found in Soul of Suw. You can also keep up with the Flavor of the Week for my thoughts on a variety of topics including themes incorporated in the book series.


Hi…I’m Carlton


Carlton Harvey, author

What up, I’m the creator/author of Soul of Suw. It’s a project I’ve been working on since I was fourteen and it has grown, often against my will, to become a large part of my life. I grew up in Suwanee, Georgia and am currently living in Atlanta…love this city. I’ve already written and published one book, Echoes of a Whisper and now I’m focusing on the Soul of Suw series.

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