The Great Compromise (Flavor of the Week)

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The Great Compromise

One of the major themes in World of Darkness is survival (power) versus compassion (interconnectedness). Souls are the descendants of Amage (supremium of love) and each holds a piece of her shattered heart within them. She died during the war between the supremiums and her death led to the birth of souls. Amage’s enemies feared the power of love so they imprisoned souls in a world of darkness hoping to extinguish love’s light. The darkness represents a world without love or understanding; mired in ignorance and death.

After imprisonment, another war broke out but this time driven by the Warriors of Light, supremiums who sought to liberate souls from the darkness. In order to be freed, the Warriors knew they needed to help souls remember who they were (Amage) in order to reignite the power of love. Only the light could free souls by unifying the power of the broken heart. Things were going well until the tide of war changed when the Archons (enemies of love) presented souls with a compromise.

They offered them the ability to rule the world provided they followed the guidelines set forth by the Archons. Souls were given rings of value which allowed them to access the power of the Archons. Upon accepting this marriage, the souls’ authority became directly linked to the value accumulated in the rings on the condition that they must immediately and absolutely give up the fight for liberation.

From the archons’ perspective, the compromise was genius because not only did it offer souls the illusion of true power but the allure of wealth and authority caused souls to become divided and turn on themselves in the cause of greed and survival. Love’s strength was amplified through cooperation and sharing but power shared is power divided. Love grows through unity and connection while power comes from hoarding and consolidation.

The theme of the dichotomy found between love and power is a purposeful reflection of how human societies have grown and operated throughout history up until present day. In my previous blog post (Language of Love) I highlight the fact that compassion and interconnectedness between humans was essential to the development and growth of our societies. It was our deep and complex human interactions which allowed our brains to grow to the capacity they are today. We’ve believed for the previous century and a half (ever since Darwin) that evolution hinged on the survival of the fittest and we’ve interpreted fit to mean powerful. But in actuality, for humans, fit has always meant the promotion of altruistic behavior with a diverse complexity of social interactions which led to the formation of language and sharing of ideas that allowed for technological and artistic advances within our various cultures.

Though the struggle to survive is real and a lack of resources often leads to direct conflict and competition for food and power, human potential is best achieved through cooperation and mature leadership which is able to negotiate compromises when necessary but also remains firm in light of potential threats. I believe you must be hard and tough in order to survive but conversely, you must be soft and flexible in order to grow (thoughtful warrior). The trunk of a tree may be rock solid but the extremities of its roots and limbs are pliable for growth and adaptation to sunlight and water.

The Great Compromise (illustration above) represents the moment the war was brought to an end as souls accepted the throne of the world over their connection to one another. In turn, the fight for freedom became supplanted by the struggle for authority and power. Until souls recognize their folly they’ll never reach their full potential achieved through cooperative unity which leads to personal/cultural growth. The 100 is a CW show that perfectly highlights the blurred line found between compassion (connectedness) and survival (authority). As difficult as it may be, in the world of darkness souls must find the balance between these two polarities if they are to rekindle the light of love.

The illustration above is from my new comic issue Mythology of Suw (link will be provided once available for purchase). Mythology of Suw highlights some of the major characters, themes, places and concepts in the first book of the Soul of Suw series…World of Darkness. Sign Up for the newsletter and join the facebook page for Soul of Suw to keep up with my latest blogs and info on upcoming books.

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