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Echoes of Whisper Book by Carlton Harvey

Echoes of Whisper:

Echoes of a Whisper was my first book and is a collection of reflections on life. The book includes a short story that takes place in a Waffle House, prose chronicling a spiritual quest for love and another short story that details how the music of OutKast inspired and deeply influenced the development of Soul of Suw.

Mythology of Suw, First Album:

Mythology Cover

In a world born and infused with the spiritual power of music, souls have arisen with the ability to harness and guide music’s essence to create worlds, inspire movements and liberate themselves from the oppressive rule of the original spiritual beings…supremiums.

Mythology of Suw is a 28 page illustrated book that takes you through the major concepts, places and characters involved in the 1st full book of the seven book series Soul of Suw. You’ll discover the mythical significance of music and dance in the story along with being introduced to the worlds of Attada & the Caldera while meeting characters such as Boom Boom the composer of music and Child the Soul of Suw.

Soul of Suw Cover Artwork Poster

Soul of Suw, Issue 1:

This is the 24 page comic book Soul of Suw which features the opening scenes found in Soul of Suw (World of Darkness). This was the 1st issue published with the intention of becoming a comic book series but plans changed and this book is now a novelty. For the excellent art you should add the Soul of Suw comic book to your collection.


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