Existence is the realm of reality in which all things including muzik, supremiums and souls, exist.

The Cypha

The Cypha

The Cypha is the birth place of souls where the essence of Amage fell after her apparent death. Amage’s essence made the Cypha fertile and gave rise to the Tree of Life. The seeds of the Tree of Life possess shards from Amage’s shattered heart. When these seeds fall to the ground they are taken in by the soil of the earth and give birth to souls.


Suw C

Suw is the hometown of Child, the soul of Suw. Though it seems to be a quaint pleasant home, there is more to Suw than appearances would suggest.

The Caldera

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The Caldera is a volatile land full of molten activity, hardened souls and violent tremors. It is the destitute and poverty stricken side of Suw (opposite the affluent Halo) where nothing supplants the call to survive.

Attada, the Sinsual Heaven

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Attada is a sensual paradise and home of Curvecy, supremium of seduction. Attada floats above the land of the Caldera and is the accumulation of sexual energy in Suw. Souls visit the Sinsual Heaven to escape the harsh and callous reality of living in the world of darkness.