Child C

Child is a young soul born into the town of Suw. The course of his life changes dramatically when a childhood friend is dispersed by the supremium of death. Child is then met by his guardian supremium and trained to become a Child of Light in hopes of one day becoming powerful enough to escape the World of Darkness. During the course of his training Child is partially made aware of a higher purpose which involves his hometown of Suw.


Decision C

Decision is the guardian supremium of the soul of Suw, Child. Decision trains Child to become a Child of Light able to escape the World of Darkness. He is also responsible for revealing to Child his true destiny as the soul of Suw and protects his heart until Child gains the clarity of mind to defend himself against the seductive spirits of the town.

Boom Boom

HumanEXP-BoomBoom_comps (3)

Boom Boom is the supremium composer of muzik. He is also known as the heartbeat of existence and once was the leader of the supremium forces who fought to protect the supremium of love, Amage. Boom Boom is approached and asked to see about a young soul named Child by his guardian, Decision. The soul displays a natural ability to ginga, an ancient art, which means he could be the one Boom Boom has sought, a soul capable of moving the world.



Curvecy is a supremium of seduction and also a childhood acquaintance of the soul of Suw, Child. Curvecy is an alluring presence in Child’s life who attempts to intoxicate the soul’s heart with the essence of her seductive spirit so that he may never discover his true purpose in the town of Suw. Curvecy is also the creator of Attada, the Sinsual Heaven, which also serves as her home in Suw.



Shane is a soul from the Caldera, the poverty stricken side of Suw. Shane is the steady core of the largest plate in the Caldera. Steadies are the tough souls in the Caldera who battle to survive the harsh realities of their environment. Shane meets Child and introduces him to the world of darkness, the Caldera.


Amage C

Amage is the supremium of love and the source of life for all souls. Amage was the most powerful supremium in all existence due to the force of love emanating from her heart. The heart of Amage was the cause of the supremium war as many feared her power. At the end of the war Amage’s heart was shattered and became the seeds of life for all souls.


Midnye C

Midnye is the supremium of death. She is an enemy of love and one of numerous supremiums responsible for keeping the power of souls in check so they do not achieve liberation.

The Archons

SoulofSuwWoD page#02finishedHiRez

Archons are a ruling class of supremiums who were among the chief enemies of souls during the Age of Light. They preside over the world of darkness ensuring that souls’ powers remain in check and souls enslaved.


SoulofSuwWoD page_05finishedHiRez (2)

Vex is a supremium of rage and a companion of Curvecy. He is also responsible for keeping Child from discovering his true purpose in the town of Suw.


SoulofSuwWoD page_12finishedHiRez (2)

Noire is an unknown dark presence in the town of Suw. He is curiously interested in Child’s ability to ginga and feared by all who know him intimately


Faith C

Zephyr is a Warrior of Light dedicated to the liberation of souls from the oppressive reign of the Archons and Midnye, the supremium of death. Zephyr gave up his spirit at the end of the Age of Light so that souls, who chose, could continue fighting for the cause of liberation. Those who follow the way of Zeph are known as Children of Light.


Comet C

Comet is the steward supremium of the Cypha, birth place of souls. He watches over the Cypha and when a soul is born Comet whist them away to a world and home meant specifically for that soul.


Snoogums C

Snoogums is the childhood supremium friend of the soul of Suw, Child. Snoogums brings pure joy into Child’s life and is his closest companion.


Stressors C

Stressors are the legion of supremiums who serve the archon and are responsible for keeping the dynamic powers of souls in check. They often harass Child, the Soul of Suw.

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