Flavor of the Week – Five Deez (Koolmotor)

Five Deez

Five Deez

All right so after talking to some of my cohorts I’m switching up the blog a little bit to highlight various interests of mine other than just Soul of Suw. Each week (or two weeks from time to time) I’ll share whatever is on my mind or I’m into for that week which could include songs, musical artist, authors/books, current events, shows/movies or various other random topics. This week I’m honing in on the not so legendary but should be, underground hip hop group Five Deez.

Hailing from the Queen City (Cincinnati, Ohio) I first discovered Five Deez through iHeart Radio. I was listening to a Fat Jon station and came across the song Decapitated Orgasm, from the album Koolmotor produced by Fat Jon. Don’t let the debilitatingly painful title fool ya, Decapitated Orgasm is a smooth track with a genius sound I’ve come to expect from Fan Jon, the ample soul physician.

Five Deez consist of four members; Fat Jon, Pase Rock, David Kyle & Sonic. The quadrant came together after meeting in high school with their name being a reference to the 5th Dimension which is, as they call it, the realm where you experience music. Experience indeed, Fat Jon is one my favorite producers majoring in the art of chill-hop, smooth sounds and reflective beats highlighted in Koolmotor.

Their style is a fusion of jazz, boom-bap and electronica that reminds me of The Pharcyde or Digable Planets from the early 90’s. Five Deez has a fan stronghold in Japan where they are very popular and have worked with producers such as Shing02, Forces of Nature (Just Forget link) and my favorite producer of all time Nujabes (Shiki No Uta link).

If you’re not ready to dive head first into the Koolmotor album then dip your toes in Omni, Say Intro, B.E.A.T. or Afghanistan Dan’s Skating Stand. For more of Fat Jon’s quintessential sounds there’s Feel the Void, Repaint Tomorrow, Day & How You Feel just to name an extreme few. But seriously, you should just go ahead and buy the Wave Motion & Repaint Tomorrow albums right now if you love jazz/chill-hop.

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