Chapter One: Motion is Everything

I’d rather provoke thought than prove a point

For those who have read Echoes of a Whisper this is a de facto sequel to the chapters POV & Book of Wine.

“As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, as far as they are certain; they do not refer to reality.” –Albert Einstein

(Note: if you have questions or would like to further explore any of the ideas/concepts presented in this essay then type the term into a Wikipedia search. Though I used other sources of information, Wikipedia was the heaviest source used and is also the simplest to understand. If you question the information on Wikipedia then there are always plenty of source notes displayed across the reliable article on the site.)

Quantum mechanics suggests that everything in the universe is made up of subatomic particles that are constantly in motion. In fact, it is sort of a misnomer to call them particles because all particles inherently possess a wave-like nature. This means all matter in existence, including ourselves, possess this wave quality. In essence, matter is just a crude or more stable form of pure energy (wave-particle duality).

There is an intimate relationship between motion, energy and matter. Energy is motion and motion is energy. All matter, fundamentally, is energy expressed at a macroscopic level. So all matter is constantly in motion; essentially, matter is motion.

Our ability to perceive the world is also predicated on motion. The traveling of light waves, sound waves, air currents & electrical currents in our nerves relay information to our brain which translates this information into our experience of the world. The entire universe is motion interacting with motion. Now let’s break it down to another level.

At the macro level of existence we have matter. At the molecular level of existence are various forms of molecules interacting such as carbon, hydrogen, helium and oxygen. Those molecules are constructed of atoms; atoms are constructed of electrons, protons and neutrons. Quantum physics states that protons and neutrons are composed of elementary particles known as quarks. String theory suggest that quarks, and all forms of energy and particles, are nothing more than strings of pure energy constantly vibrating in an eleven dimensional reality.

These strings, supposedly, make up everything we experience in existence including ourselves. Based on the way they vibrate, the strings can express themselves as different elementary forms of matter and energy. Much like the chords of a piano, the different notes of these strings create a different elementary particle or ‘sound’. Life is a symphony of strings. Now string theory has not been proven but the constantly vibrating nature of our existence is also acknowledged at the quantum scale.

In 1913 Albert Einstein and Otto Stern developed the concept zero-point energy. Zero-point energy refers to the lowest possible energy state of a quantum system. This lowest possible energy state is known as the ground state. All quantum systems continue to fluctuate ever so slightly even in their lowest energy state; this is due to their inherent wave-like nature. So even at absolute zero (lowest possible temperature) motion never completely ceases in the universe.

But…what if you could silence the strings of motion? What if you could, in essence, still energy? If we live in a world of pure motion created by vibrating strings of energy then silencing them would mean to bring about absolute stillness. If strings of pure motion were brought to absolute stillness would they cease to exist?

Exposure theory states that we can never exclusively experience the moment of singularity or rather, the moment of perfect stillness because in this absolute moment nothing exists. And by nothing I mean not even darkness exist. You would see nothing and experience nothing…it is a non-existent reality. Even logic and the mathematical laws of nature cease to exist at the moment of singularity.

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