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The beauty of being an entrepreneur is you’re always present. Everything you do, your work, your projects is you. Some times working for corporations can make you feel under-appreciated or worse…invincible. The projects you inherit are not yours, they’re a representation of the company. And though they may bolster your resume, sometimes it’s nice to feel a part of something bigger rather than just a part in something bigger. Less than a year ago, one particular cog decided to walk away from the machine, her name is Christine.

Early in life, Christine developed a love for artistic expression and graphic design. This love was fostered by her family and led to a fifteen year career as a graphic designer in upstate New York. Though she enjoyed much success, her feelings began to change along with the shifting landscape of design in a digital, print on demand, world. Adaptation may be the crux of survival but survival is not always the crux of desire. As the design game changed so would Christine because through growth and self-reflection she understood her true passion was not exclusively design but rather, brand management. In creative terms, Christine wanted to be more than just a pen in an artist’s hand.

After a little soul searching and globe travelling, Christine decided to make her new home in the transplant capitol of the nation, Atlanta, Georgia which doubled as a hub for entrepreneurs & creative types. For Christine, the entrepreneurial spirit in Atlanta was infectious. She quickly found a social circle of other entrepreneurs that were dealing with the similar struggles and joys of following your heart and starting your own business. Christine’s trials were made easier  while in the company of those who could relate and share them with her.

But beyond that, Christine could finally work with clients and projects that were more than just a job to her. She could place her own unique accent on the project which allowed her to creatively breathe in way the bottom-line oriented world of corporate America could not. Collaborations usually start as an idea in one mind but the finished product is always a shared vision. As a brand manager, Christine could take a person’s idea/project/passion and give it her personal touch to help it takeoff. As an entrepreneur, Christine could develop a personal connection to every project she took on so she never becomes lost in a machine.

If you’re in the market for great designs and visions realized then visit Christine’s website and shoot her a message. Also, if you’re an entrepreneur just looking for support from kindred-spirits then check out Atlanta Tech Village every 3rd Thursday to discover and socialize with other go-getters trying to make it indy style. Last but not least, Christine also shared her passion for salsa so if you fancy yourself a decent dancer then check out Fernbank every 3rd Friday for wine and a lil salsa.

Also, for another example of Christine’s work look no further than the design of the website you’re on right now!

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