Muzik is the movement that gave birth to all things in existence including supremiums and souls. Muzik is a sort of liquid energy or liquid light that gains form through motion and purpose; it also empowers and is empowered through action. All things in existence are composed of the wavelengths of muzik.



Supremiums are the supreme spiritual beings born of muzik. They were the first entities to gain life and are the source of life for souls. Supremiums, along with souls, are not only composed of muzik but are also able to manipulate and control muzik. Supremiums are empowered by muzik and use it to accomplish their will.


Souls C

Souls are the descendants of Amage, the supremium of love. Souls were born after Amage’s demise as a result of the great supremium war. In order to keep the power of souls in check, enemies of love came to establish limitations on them so that the hearts they inherited from Amage would never be able to completely express the revived powers of love.

Heart of Amage

Heart of Amage C

The Heart of Amage is the most powerful object in existence and was the initial cause of the great supremium war. Amage’s heart was shattered at the conclusion of the war and became the seeds of life for souls. Every soul in existence is born possessing a shard of Amage’s broken heart and so each soul has the latent ability to express the virtually unbound powers of love.

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life was the tree created in the Cypha, birth place of souls, after Amage, the supremium of love, died. The Tree of Life was created when the essence of Amage and her shattered heart, was absorbed by the unfertile land of the Cypha. Each seed from the tree possesses a shard from Amage’s heart and when a seed falls to the ground it gives birth to a soul which inherits the piece of the shattered heart.

Midnye Rain

The Midnye Rain C

The Midnye Rain is the violet rain clouds that accompany Midnye, the supremium of death, when she prepares to disperse a supremium or soul.

Warriors of Light

Warriors of Light

Warriors of Light are an elite collection of supremiums who remain loyal to the memory of Amage, the supremium of love, by fighting for the liberation of souls. This war for the freedom of souls was called the Age of Light

Children of Light

Children of Light

Children of Light are the collection of souls that fight for their own liberation through love. Once a child of light has achieved a certain spiritual level they become known as a soul warrior of light. This means they are only a few steps away from complete spiritual liberation.

The Great Compromise

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To bring an end to the Age of Light, archons decided to grant souls an opportunity to rule the world provided they relinquished their drive for liberation. As the souls conceded, temples were abandoned and love was forgotten, as the war came to an inconclusive end. This transaction between the archons & souls was known as The Great Compromise.

Hall of Muzik

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The Hall of Muzik is where Boom Boo, the composer of muzik, uses his array of musical skills to inspire and guide souls towards freedom through Song of the Souls. After the Age of Light, souls grew increasingly deaf to Boom Boom’s sounds so now he seeks one who is capable of hearing his muzik so that they may reawaken souls to the call of liberation.

The Artisan
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The Artisan is a weapon created while performing ginga, the dance of liberation inspired by Song of the Souls. The Artisan can be created through a multitude of creative tools (especially the pen) and is mastered by the heart. Only souls who hear Song of the Souls are able to cultivate this weapon which means those who ginga have a certain connection to Boom Boom, the composer of muzik.

The Roda

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The Roda is a circular arena formed for ginga competition by a gathering of souls. Within the roda two dancers square off to challenge each other in the art of ginga. Rodas were first created as training arenas where ginga dancers prepared themselves for combat against the dark forces during the Age of Light. Crowds in rodas produced muzik to empower the dancers and heightened their artistic mobility and skill.