In Echoes of a Whisper I wrote an essay titled POV in which I debate and challenge the view that the purpose of evolution is to simply survive and procreate. I’ll not go through the argumentative points of the essay here but that’ll be the jumping off point for introducing you to the fundamental theme for the entire Soul of Suw series/mythology.

At its heart, Soul of Suw is a story about personal growth and the transformation of a soul going through the stages of life. It’s a process of persistent, continual self-discovery and internal growth which pushes the protagonist to reach his full potential by the end of the seventh book where he is tasked with facing his greatest challenge of all…his self. Along the way, the debate between living to survive and living for more than survival are constantly addressed throughout the course of the story.

Is life exclusively about survival and procreation or is there a deeper purpose and meaning to it all? The protagonist believes that life is more than just surviving the game, he asserts that ultimately the purpose of life is personal growth and the maturation of human souls so they can reach their full potential through our connections to each other and creative expressions.

Though the struggle to survive is real and a lack of resources often leads to direct conflict and competition for food and power, the heights of human potential is best reached through cooperation and mature leadership which is able to negotiate compromises when necessary but also remains firm in light of potential threats. I believe you must be hard and tough in order to survive but conversely, you must be soft and flexible in order to grow (thoughtful warrior). The trunk of a tree may be rock solid but the extremities of its roots and limbs are pliable for growth and adaptation for sunlight and water.

Personally, I believe survival/procreation is a redundant plotline that hasn’t been proven but rather, simply accepted as fact despite the great variety of human behavior that has nothing to do with increasing our potential to survive such as art, religion and entertainment. Our brains require more than just protein to be fed intellectually/creatively.

Also, why is being alive necessarily greater than not being alive? What evolutionary advantage do we have in comparison to a rock? Why is the fact that we are self-aware and can move on our own volition make us more advanced than an inanimate object? When we die do we not return to the rocks and dirt from which we came? So what exactly are we contributing to this world/ourselves by being self-aware and ‘living’ for this short amount of time?

The Next Step Will Explore These Questions

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