The Mythology of Music

What is Soul of Suw? It’s a mythology built on and expressed through music. When I first began writing the story I didn’t intend for it to become a mythology but over time it went from a one off story to a series then finally an overarching world with its own pantheon of god-like creatures. Once I understood what the story was becoming, I wanted to create a mythology I could identify with and had never known before, a mythos based on African-American themes and identity. I’d studied mythologies extensively growing up/in college, including African mythos but I’d never come across one infused with the identity and particulars of the African-American experience & community.

We have plenty of contemporary mythologies such as Lord of the Rings & Game of Thrones and also, archetypal characters like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman but none of these stories reflect or capture the true defining trait/characteristic of African-American culture…music. From jazz to hip hop, rock n’ roll to gospel, soul to R&B, reggae to blues, bebop to samba and also even samba, they all have roots in the African culture slaves brought over to the New World. From the United States all the way down to Brazil, easily the most definable and significant trait synonymous with the African-American experience is our cultural relationship to music.

So with all of this in mind, music became the essential element within Soul of Suw, woven into every storyline and corner of the mythological world. But it didn’t end there. Due to my love of religion, mythology and psychology, the story grew to include elements of cultural mythologies from across the globe and expanded to incorporate themes and general archetypes that all people can relate to and enjoy.

Now let’s delve deeper into how the unique integration of music separates Soul of Suw from other stories and world mythologies…

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