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Language of Love

Language of Love is the final article in a trilogy of pieces I wrote which includes Virtues of Moriarty & the Joker and The Heroine’s Journey. Language of Love challenges the philosophy of survival of the fittest while also reconsidering what it means to be fit to survive. We are quick to associate survival with strength, adaptation and technological progress but there are deeper principles more fundamental to human growth and cultural development.

(excerpt from Language of Love)

Social brain theory postulates that the size of an animal’s social group drives the complexity and eventual size of their brain. Comparatively speaking, human brains are abnormally large in relation to their bodies. This discrepancy is due to the complex and increasingly diverse nature of our social groups which possibly led to our development of language.

Ideas are like gene pools; the more varied, diverse and larger they are, the better chance a species has of survival (finding a solution). Brainstorming in a group and bouncing ideas off of one another, in essence, achieves the same objective as sex…you’re mixing the gene pool to hopefully arrive at a better (evolved) answer. The more varied and diverse your life experiences are, the deeper and more enriching your ideas (gene pool) will be. Just like in nature, novelty and creativity frowns upon incest (regurgitating the same thought process over and over again).

Language is the gateway to another’s mind which allows for the cross pollination of ideas and experiences. It is not a coincidence that every time a prehistoric human population would reach a certain critical mass then arts, language (symbolic thinking) and religious behavior would arise. Arts and symbolic thinking were at the dawn of human societies as we now know it. This is how essential the arts are to our species and civilization.

If evolution has taught us any thing it is that when it comes to human societies, survival of the fittest means survival of the connected, compassionate and diverse. Creativity thrives off of communication more so than competition.

(end of excerpt)

Contrary to popular belief, evolution is more than establishing your dominance over other cultures/species/competitors. In truth, the heights of evolution may only be reached through coordination and cooperation with a diverse palate of cultures. Check out this article if you’d like to discover more about social brain theory and the oddity of our brain size.

But here’s another thought, why does art and religious behavior accompany language so early on in the development of human culture? Why is it that every single human society in world history has developed some sort of supernatural belief system? Is there more to the arts and religious behavior than we are willing to give credit? Or is it that we need to adjust our survival centered view of evolution?

“Behind all these manifestations is the one radiance, which shines through all things. The function of art is to reveal this radiance through the created object. When you see the beautiful organization of a fortunately composed work of art, you just say, Aha! Somehow it speaks to the order in your own life and leads to the realization of the very things that religions are concerned to render” –The Power of Myth

Mythology is where art meets religion so maybe we should pay closer attention to just what exactly these mythological stories are attempting to tell us because tales like them have been told since the dawn of our cultures possibly to reflect the origins and purpose of our inquisitive human existence.

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