• Ripples in Water
    Ripples in Water ca. 2000

Exposure Theory

Exposure Theory is an essay I wrote years ago after coming to the understanding that existence and all things in existence, is in a constant state of motion. Now this may seem like an obvious/matter of fact observation but when I began to delve deeper into the implications of this reality I came to contemplate the subtle truth that the world religions are pointing us towards…a truth we incessantly stare at, blindly, everyday. I’ll allow Joseph Campbell to send you off…

“All final spiritual reference is to the silence beyond sound. The word made flesh is the first sound. Beyond that sound is the transcendent unknown, the unknowable. It can be spoken of as the great silence or as the void or as the transcendent absolute” –The Power of Myth

“Time and space form the sensibilities that bound our experiences. Our senses are enclosed in the field of time and space and our minds are enclosed in a frame of the categories of thought. But the ultimate thing (which is no thing) that we are trying to get in touch with is not so enclosed. We enclose it as we try to think about it. The transcendent transcends all categories of thinking. Being and nonbeing – those are categories, the word God properly refers to what transcends all thinking but the word god itself is something thought about…I mean whatever is ultimate is beyond categories of being and nonbeing…God as the ultimate mystery of being is beyond thinking.” –The Power of Myth

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