Echoes of a Whisper

Echoes of a Whisper was my first book published back in 2010. It is a collection of works ranging from short stories, poetry/prose, essays and quotes that deeply reflect on life. Here I’ve included excerpts from the short story Echoes of a Whisper (book namesake) which is about a person seeking wisdom and life knowledge from a good-natured and well, fed wise man at a Waffle House.

The storytelling style of this story (and the overall book) were heavily influenced by The Alchemist & the poetry of Rumi which were works that encouraged me to keep writing at a time when I wanted nothing to do with a pen.

Here, if you like, you can purchase a copy of Echoes of a Whisper.

-If I had to choose between a soul who possessed a library’s worth of knowledge and a thinker, I would choose the thinker every time. Anyone can gather knowledge but a thinker discovers things yet to be known.

It has been a while since I truly feared death. I fear ignorance but not death. What is the use of being preoccupied with something that is inevitable? When death comes, let it come. For now, I am concerned with life.

-Lovers are the dreamers who do not allow their dreams to become passing thoughts. If never acted upon, what else is a dream but a passing thought?

One time there was a hardy fool who was strutting and stomping across the ground expressing his superiority over the land. The fool then looked down towards the ground and began to brag, “Ha, Ground, don’t you wish you could be like me? I am able to step on you and across you at will. I constantly use you to achieve my own goals. I spit on you whenever I want, I kick up your dirt, I dig into you and fill you with holes. Tell me Ground, how much do you envy me? Don’t you wish you were born in my position, over you?” The ground, irritated by the fool’s arrogant rant, began to shake violently. The ground caused a fierce quake that shook the fool to his knees. The fool began to crawl along the ground begging it to stop. The fool was flat on his stomach clenching to the ground before the quake ceased. The ground then spoke, “It is true, you can stand and walk upon me without second thought to my existence but take note: without me, everything that you are will fall.” The souls that bow the lowest are the foundation of existence.

A wise man once came across a fool staring at a speck of dirt on his finger. The wise man watched the fool for a short time and when his presence was not acknowledged he spoke to the fool. “Hello, what are you doing?” The fool answered, “I’m staring at this speck on my finger. Do you see it? Is it not the most beautiful sight you’ve ever seen?” The wise man looked curiously at the fool and then turned to look at the vast beauty in the world around them. The wise man spoke again, “Well, if you would only look around you’ll realize that there is much more beauty to behold. All around you is a world of miracles waiting to be discovered.” The fool said, “If I look away from this speck it may get blown away by the wind and be lost forever. I do not want to lose it, this speck is mine and I’ll never let it go.” The wise man replied, “I see, you sound very attached. In that case, I’ll leave you here clinging to your speck.” The things we cherish in life appear so foolish once we’ve gained the proper perspective.

It is foolish trying to prove either that the Eternal exists or does not exist. Foolish because it is logically impossible. I’ve never heard an argument that proved Love’s existence nor have I heard an argument that disproved Love’s existence. That is like proving the existence of light to a blind soul. How would you go about performing such a task  How could you share light with those incapable of detecting it? All I know is that when Love comes upon you, you know it and your acts become the proof of Love. You do not argue for the existence of Love, you simply experience it.

-What miracle could be performed which would prove the Eternal? What miracle could be performed that science would not one day explain? What we call miracles are simply events, in the world, that are rare and unusual in their appearance. They in no way prove the existence of a supernatural being. Miracles simply prove the existence of a rare and unusual phenomenon that has yet to be understood. If your eyes were not so lazy you would wake up and look around you. Then you would witness the miraculous occurring in every moment of life.

-The power of the Eternal is like the flow of trickling water which carved out the grandest of canyons. The Eternal moves softly and does not always voice or boast its strength with an omnipotent exhibition of force and violence. The fool laughs at water. The fool says that he can take up water and consume it at will. The fool says that he can disperse water so it loses its form and vanishes, but water is never lost and water is never destroyed. But what the fool fails to realize is that even he cannot live without water. So, who is the more powerful, the fool that believes he is manipulating the water or the water that sustains the life of the fool?

-Life is our opportunity to grow, spiritually. It is our chance to aspire to more than that which we have inherited upon being born into the world. Make the most of this opportunity because you never know when it may come again. Seek growth, power and knowledge in life so that you may become a virtuous soul.

-Souls are the echoes of a whisper.  We are the breath which gives the dirt life.  And what is life but purpose?…Souls are the dust of stars reflecting the light of eternity. And what is that light but Truth.  So, if one is to ask you “What are souls?” tell them that we are the stars shedding our light unto the world.

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