Aww...look at the happy "couple"

Aww…look at the happy “couple”


Responsibility and duty…two qualities that separate men from boys. We are responsible for our families, our friends and if we so choose to walk the path of a soldier…we are responsible for our country. Ron chose to walk the path of a soldier, a choice he has never regretted and one of which he is proud. He also chose the path of being a loyal friend upon which Kevin, his best friend since 4th grade, could rely on without question.

Ron is the kind of friend who could make you feel like the funniest person in the room. You always feel warm and comfortable in his presence and he’s the type person that if you’re not having a good time then he’s not having a good time. You want him in your corner when it’s time to take impromptu trips to Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami or Texas. If you need a few dollars to cover your tix for the Dave Matthews concert then Ron is the man for you. Not only is he a quality human being and friend but he is also an honorably man of service.

Ron enlisted into the military straight out of high school. But even with his newly established responsibilities for his country, he never lost touch of his friends and family. Ron would never say but through his service he was able to buy his Mom a dream home that she could enjoy and cherish. Whenever he was back in town, he made sure to cover all the expenses of a good time out on the town with his friends, ready to bail them out anytime things got a little sideways.

Ron has served two tours in the Middle East and is currently stationed in Germany. Kevin, his best friend, gave Ron the responsibility and honor of being the Best Man in his wedding this upcoming weekend. Unfortunately, Ron’s time in Germany is considered deployment and this does not afford him the opportunity to take place in Kevin’s wedding by asking for a two day leave of absence. With no disrespect intended and with the utmost respect for military protocol…Ron’s friends would love to see him standing beside Kevin on this special day. Though he is an invaluable member of our military, we are sure Germany will be well for 48 hours which is just enough time for Ron to share this day with a companion he’s known since elementary school.

We hope this message makes it to the powers that be and with their understanding/consideration, they’ll allow Ron just 48 hours to share in this special moment that occurs only once in a lifetime.


Loyal Friends of Ron Leenim

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