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The Soul of Suw_Issue01_009

The end is the beginning is a common and resonant theme in Soul of Suw. It is present in the first sentence of the album “At the end of eternity time began” and now it is present with the death of Amage, the supremium of love.

I wanted to present the origin of life not as a conscious decision made by a supreme being but rather, a sacrificial or forced transitional act in which the life of one converts to the life of another. I feel this is how life works in general, with plants converting energy and minerals from the sun and earth for food and then herbivores taking this energy from the plants through consumption followed by carnivores relieving the herbivores of their energy through death. Everything is in a constant state of change with the end of one entity becoming the sustaining force or beginning of another.

This process is also manifested through sex when a sperm and egg cell cease to be, only to become the first cell of a new organism. The empires of the world rise with the conquering of a previous civilization only to eventually fall to the rise of the next great world power. Human sacrifices were often made to gods in primitive cultures in order to appease them and to sustain order and life on earth. In Soul of Suw the scenario is flipped where about a god-like creature dies in order to give birth to life. Just as in the philosophy of reincarnation, nothing ever truly ends; one thing just converts to another…from dust to dust.

The statement “Tears from heaven” was actually the original title of the first track. “Tears from heaven” is a reference to how life began in the world with the sorrowful death of God/Love. Eventually the title was replaced with “Prelude to a Soul” because it sounds more romantic/poetic and it is a better fit to the theme of music in reference to the overarching story.

Prelude to a Soul was originally the title of a failed essay idea I had soon after college. I liked the title so much that I wanted to find another use for it and so it became the namesake for the genesis track of Soul of Suw: World of Darkness.


Soul of Suw is a story I was first inspired to write in 1997 when I heard the OutKast album ATLiens. OutKast is a hip hop group I relate to on many levels artistically & geographically. Their musical style resonates with me and I love the creativity expressed not only in their music videos but in the CD booklet for the ATLiens album.

In the album booklet is a comic story that portrays OutKast as intergalactic heroes destined to protect the city of Atlantis. This story was so unique in its presentation of an album that it would become the initial spark of inspiration for the concepts in Soul of Suw.

If you’d like to get into deeper detail on how OutKast was the source of inspiration for the entire Soul of Suw series then check out chapter 3 in my first book Echoes of a Whisper. The entire chapter is dedicated to chronicling the development of the seven books that would eventually become the Soul of Suw series.

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