Behind-the-Sheets Issue 1 Page 7-8

Soul of Suw poster no logo

The Great War of the Supremiums, the conflict between the two grand supremium legions, was first conceived during my later college years while developing the history and universe in Soul of Suw. The history of this conflict and other significant incidents that took place during this time period is rather deep and hopefully one day I’ll be able to also share that story with you.

Soul of Suw is a story I was first inspired to write in 1997 when I heard the OutKast album ATLiens. OutKast is a hip hop group I relate to on many levels artistically & geographically. Their musical style resonates with me and I love the creativity expressed not only in their music videos but in the CD booklet for the ATLiens album.

In the album booklet is a comic story that portrays OutKast as intergalactic heroes destined to protect the city of Atlantis. This story was so unique in its presentation of an album that it would become the initial spark of inspiration for the concepts in Soul of Suw.

If you’d like to get into deeper detail on how OutKast was the source of inspiration for the entire Soul of Suw series then check out chapter 3 in my first book Echoes of a Whisper. The entire chapter is dedicated to chronicling the development of the seven books that would eventually become the Soul of Suw series.


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