Behind the Sheets Issue 1 Page 11

The Soul of Suw_Issue01_011

Comet is the supremium who delivers new born souls to the world. The name and idea of Comet comes from the ancient tales cultures used to explain phenomenon such as winter or the orbit of the sun. In Greek mythology, winter was a result of Demeter (goddess of fertility and crops) refusing to produce vegetation during the four months of the year her daughter, Persephone, spent in the underworld with Hades (God of Death). The sun’s rotation was said to be a result of the chariot riding god Helios drawing the sun across the sky during the day and through the world ocean at night.

In this spirit, I decided to create a mythos explaining the presence of a comet or shooting star in the sky. Whenever a comet is seen in the sky it means that a great soul has been delivered to the world…or at least it would if I had my own tribe/society to tell grandiose stories. I also feel that a comet delivering babies is far more intriguing than a stork delivering babies, any day.

Cypha is a derivative of the term cypher. Unfortunately my use of the word is based on a misunderstanding of its meaning. I originally thought that cypher referred to an emblem that represented fertility in Egyptian culture. This is why I applied the name to the birth place of souls. Years later I discovered that cypher is actually a circle in which lyricist take turns reciting rhymes in freestyle. Well since the word still applied to music and in a cypher, lyricist are giving birth to rhymes off the top of their heads, I decided to keep the term Cypha in the story. Besides, I just really like the word.

Soul of Suw is a story I was first inspired to write in 1997 when I heard the OutKast album ATLiens. OutKast is a hip hop group I relate to on many levels artistically & geographically. Their musical style resonates with me and I love the creativity expressed not only in their music videos but in the CD booklet for the ATLiens album.

In the album booklet is a comic story that portrays OutKast as intergalactic heroes destined to protect the city of Atlantis. This story was so unique in its presentation of an album that it would become the initial spark of inspiration for the concepts in Soul of Suw.

If you’d like to get into deeper detail on how OutKast was the source of inspiration for the entire Soul of Suw series then check out chapter 3 in my first book Echoes of a Whisper. The entire chapter is dedicated to chronicling the development of the seven books that would eventually become the Soul of Suw series.

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